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Student welfare team

Glenwood High School has a Student Welfare team responsible for the wellbeing of its students. The team primarily consists of the Deputy Principals, the Head Teacher of Student Welbeing, Year Advisers and Assistant Year Advisers and the Counsellors.

The team liaises with several other teams such as the Positive Behaviour for Learning Team, Transition Team and the Learning Support Team to ensure that all students are supported.

Deputy Principals

The Deputy Principals for 2023 are:

  • Steve Fenech - Deputy Principal for Year 9 and 12
  • Belinda Young - Deputy Principal for Year 10  
  • Rachael Powter - Deputy Principal for Years 8 and 11
  • Ruth Fleurant - Deputy Principal for Year 7

Our School Counsellors are Akira Harinath, Chloe O'Connor and Alice Randall 

Students may self-refer or be referred by their parents/caregivers. The referral form is available on our website.

Head Teacher - Welfare

The Head Teacher of Student Welfare has a central role which is to ensure that school is a safe, happy place that optimises learning outcomes for all students through

  • Coordinating  the student welfare team
  • Planning  and implementing the appropriate policies and programs
  • Liaising with students, staff, parents and outside welfare agencies
  • In-servicing the school community on welfare issues

She can be contacted at or 02 9629 9577.

Year Advisers

Year Advisers are an important part of Glenwood High School's welfare and academic supports.

The role of the Year Adviser is to provide guidance and promote the wellbeing of students in the relevant year group. They help teachers understand the practical needs of individual students every year and monitor trends in individual students in relation to academic progress, classroom behaviour, attendance, social behaviour, and adjustment. They refer students, where necessary, to the counsellor, Principal, Deputy Principal and Head Teacher - Welfare. Year Advisers disseminate appropriate information to school personnel regarding issues affecting students in the year.

The relevant Year Adviser is the best contact person at school to discuss academic progress, extended leave due to illness or holidays, or any other concerns or issues you wish to discuss regarding your child's education.

Year Advisers

Year 6 into year 7 2024 - Chloe Avellino | Liz Cummins

Year 7 - Steve Perez | Samantha Halteh

Year 8 - Kendrea Dibden | Khansa Maqbool

Year 9  - Zeba Nazari | Hamid Sekandari

Year 10  - Nicole Taylor | Rebecca Kearney

Year 11  - Andrew Somvilaysack | Sania Alkhalili

Year 12 - Aidan Burgess | Jodie Pak