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Orienteering is a sport, which combines outdoor adventure with map reading and navigational skills. It involves navigating though the bush, parks or streets with the aid of a specially produced map and orienteering compass, with the aim being to locate checkpoints (controls) on various natural and man-made features along the way, such as a boulder, track junction, bench seat or street lamp.

In competitive orienteering, the person successfully navigating their way around their course in the quickest time is the winner, hence both physical fitness and ability to read maps become important. To complete an orienteering course may take as little as 20 minutes for a short easy course, or up to 90 minutes for a longer difficult course.

Students at Glenwood are being given the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Sydney West High School Orienteering Championships on the 29th of June. Glenwood has performed well over the years in this event. We are looking forward to both our regular participators and novices joining us in participating in this fun event.