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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an enriching program inviting young people aged 14-25 to participate in a number of activities over a set length of time. At Glenwood, we invite students from Years 9 to 12 to participate in this exciting and fulfilling experience, which has run since 2009.


Students are able to design their own unique program centred around their interests and passions, developing physical and academic skills, as well as benefitting their school and greater community through volunteer and leadership efforts. Students also participate in overnight camps to locations near and far, run by our dedicated staff in their free time. The program appeals to students from all walks of life, and Glenwood students have achieved at all levels of the program. It is our vision that all Glenwood High School participants are empowered to explore their potential and achieve success through access to, and participation in, the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Program is run in over 140 countries and is available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Each of these levels has four Sections - Skill, Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journeys. Additionally, the Gold Award has an fifth Section - the Residential Project.