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Learning Centre

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre at Glenwood High School is located in the Library. It is staffed by a full-time Learning and Support Teacher, and a School Learning and Support Officer.

The Learning Centre provides a range of services across the school. These include a quiet learning area to conduct one on one individualised assistance, in class support, homework and assessment help, and standardised testing for reading and mathematics. In collaboration with teaching staff, the Learning Centre assists in the modification of work for students in every subject area. Disability provisions are provided for assessments and examinations across all years, including for NAPLAN and the HSC. The Learning Centre works with parents, teachers and students to develop Student Learning Support Plans for students with identified needs.

The Learning Centre also assists groups of students who experience difficulty with reading through the implementation of targeted programs that explicitly teach specific skills. 

The learning centre also provides special provisions to students that have a confirmed disability or have been identified as low ability or with a learning difficulty. These special provisions include:

English as an additional language or dialect

Glenwood High School has a highly dedicated and proficient team of EAL/D teachers. Students, for whom English is not their first language, have access to a wide range of EAL/D teaching and learning strategies and programs. At Glenwood, we encourage our EAL/D students to maintain their first language background.

A unique EAL/D program for each student that is tailored to their specific English language needs is created. These programs are implemented in a variety of subject areas and can occur in any of the following modes:

· individual student withdrawal
· team teaching
· whole class teaching by the EAL/D teacher
· individual student learning in the subject classroom

· assistance with EAL/D resource development for classroom teachers 

It is our desire that all of our students develop a strong understanding and knowledge of the English language. Glenwood High School looks forward to helping your child achieve this goal.

Learning and support teacher (LaST)

The Learning and Support Teacher (LaST) provides assistance to students that have diagnosed disabilities or students that have been identified as requiring additional learning supports due to low ability or learning difficulties.

The LaST at Glenwood run individual literacy programs, small group literacy and numeracy programs and attend classes to assist students within the classroom environment.

The LaST plan, implement, model, monitor and evaluate individualised adjustments for learning with classroom teachers, students and parents/carers. The LaST also tests students literacy and numeracy capabilities, through standardised testing, in order to gain a better understanding of individual students learning needs. Student learning support plans are then devised to address the students needs, and provide information and teaching strategies to their classroom teachers, to ensure the best learning environment is created.