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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Glenwood High School has a new points-based reward system – The PBL Acknowledgement System.  

This is a new way for students to earn house points, a new way for students to achieve award levels, and a new way to be rewarded for commitment to our core Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) values of ready, respect, and responsible.  

In previous years, students would obtain teacher signatures on PBL cards in order to progress through levels, however this system had limitations and often overlooked the great work of many students across both sporting and academic achievements.  

Rather, the new system is centred around teachers acknowledging students across many aspects of school life. This way, all students have the opportunity to be recognised for their classwork, respectful behaviour, helping out peers, improved attitude towards learning, just to name a few. These all being personal qualities that we aim to develop in everyone here at Glenwood. Put simply, when students do the right thing, in time they will be rewarded. 

Each week, teachers nominate students from each of their classes for Student of the Week. This earns students 5 House points. 

As students accumulate points, they will earn awards for reaching our four levels: 

20 points for a Bronze Award

40 points for a Silver Award

60 points for a Gold Award

100 points for the highest accolade, the Medal of Excellence 

Bronze, Silver and Gold awards will be handed out during year meetings each fortnight. Medal of Excellence will be awarded at Presentation Day at the end of the year. 

Student participation in carnival events earns one House point. Placing in an event earns up to 5 points. Representing our school in sporting events such as knockout competitions, and other extracurricular activities such as debating, dancing, musical, etc. will also earn students 5 points. 

At the end of each term, the top 100 students across the school who have earned the most House points will be treated to a rewards day where they will spend a double period engaging in some fun games, with snacks, drinks and music, organised by the House Captains. 

With consistent effort across all aspects of school life, there is the possibility that students could be attending four reward days each year.  

Note: All points reset at the end of each school year and therefore do not carry over.