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Equipment and Booklist

The Equipment and Booklist for all years please click on the link below.

Year 7 Equipment & Booklist 

Years 8-10 Booklist

Glenwood High School is a BYOD school. Therefore, students will need to ensure to bring their device, fully charged, each day.

Year 11

Blitzing Bio Text Book

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There is a diverse range of subjects on offer for Year 11. Most require a workbook. Others have a variety of resources required, some of which are provided by the school, once the subject fees are paid, others, students may need to bring themselves. Information on these fee-paying subjects was provided in the Stage 6 Subject Selection Handbook, which was distributed in Term 2 at the beginning of the selection process to all students.

At the start of the year, teachers will inform students of specific equipment needs for their subject. On a basic level, students are advised to bring an A4 240 page exercise book for each subject, except Mathematics, which will require a grid book, along with their usual stationery and equipment. Additional requirements will be addressed as required.

Year 12 will continue the use of year 11 books