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As a result of studying Mathematics at Glenwood High School, students will:

  • improve their confidence and attitude towards Mathematics.

  • develop a deep appreciation of the beauty and power of Mathematics and an understanding of how its very nature brings sense and order to everyday life, society and our environment.

  • become mathematically literate, having the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and the ability to communicate effectively about mathematical ideas and concepts.

  • become critical thinkers and curious, life-long learners with a responsible, global perspective and appreciation of the mathematical nature of our world.

    Our Mathematics faculty is determined to improve students' outcomes in numeracy, their confidence and attitude in Mathematics and challenge all students to develop mathematical skills for the future focussed learners. We offer all NSW board developed courses in Mathematics in order to cater for the spectrum of student needs. In addition to quality lessons, we have the following programs which are running at Glenwood:


    We use the Cambridge HOTmaths program for Year 7-10 students. HOTmaths is an online maths resource that can be used in school and at home. Learning tools include written tutorials, problem walkthroughs, interactive animations and four levels of questions, as well as the popular Scorcher competition. Students have access to all of the learning material on the site, allowing them to work at their own pace and level. To see a sample, visit:

     Benefits of HOTmaths for students:

  • Work independently using the lesson notes with graphics, worked examples and definitions.

  • Master mathematical processes with step-by-step walkthroughs and targeted feedback.

  • Test themselves with instantly marked assessment questions at four levels of difficulty.

  • Compete on any topic with the skills-based Scorcher competition.

  • Prepare for testing and learn for understanding as well as knowledge.

Benefits of HOTmaths for parents:

  • Allows children to work independently at home, improving their maths skills without requiring constant parental help or supervision.

  • Children have access at home to all HOTmaths content at all year levels, allowing them to learn at their own pace and level.

  • The numerous HOTmaths tools (such as widgets, walkthroughs, Scorcher, games) cater to all styles of learning and create an engaging environment enabling children to study longer and learn more.


    At Glenwood, Mathematics teachers volunteer their time and offer Mathematics Help Sessions during lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays. These sessions are open to all students from Year 7 to Year 12 - no matter their ability level or Mathematics course they are studying. Attendance is completely voluntary and students can attend all, or part, of these sessions. Students bring and eat their lunch whilst getting one-to-one help during these sessions. In addition, the school regularly runs a Homework Centre and Learning Support - a network consisting of a team of teachers and students who volunteer their time in order to provide an additional avenue of learning assistance for students seeking extra clarification.

    In the increasingly technologically-dependent world of today, mathematical knowledge is highly desirable, if not essential. The Mathematics Department at Glenwood High School strives to inspire in each student not only to develop the ability to achieve the best for themselves, but also to gain the confidence that they have acquired the core skills required for life-long learning. Furthermore, working through mathematical problems in class and in assigned homework also allows several related skills to flourish, including discipline, patience, attention to detail, information processing, analytical reasoning and strategy formulation whilst achieving the best ATAR possible.