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August News

What has been happening in the Library during July


We have been celebrating NAIDOC Week with a fantastic display of posters and books during July.

Our library users have enjoyed the colourful displays and the great reads we have been suggesting!

Using the skill of reading towards Duke of Edinburgh Award

Reading is generally an activity undertaken in a variety of environments and settings so as a Duke of Edinburgh activity it needs to build upon that young person’s ability, interest and existing reading history. The principles underlying the choice of reading as a skill are that it develops self-esteem and confidence, sharing knowledge with others, develops organisation skills, sharpens research skills and so on. For most participants it is much more than simply reading, the reading of the book is not really the Duke of Edinburgh activity time, the Duke of Edinburgh average of an hour a week is on the reflection, report, research or discussion of the book. Probably the best way to undertake this is with a book club where people come together to discuss the books read, broaden the type of books encountered and encourage reading as hobby.

Want to know more? Talk to Elanor and Mya today.

‘Literature is knowledge, however it is being lost due to the deteriorating amount of young people reading. We believe that it is essential for us, the future generation to enhance our skill of reading in order to preserve the knowledge, history and language sustained through books. This year, we have joined Duke of Ed, a group where you complete a specified amount of hours of a sport, service, adventurous journey and skill. Practising reading as a skill will enabled us to acquire knowledge in all contexts, gain new vocabulary and develop our literate ability. We have challenged ourselves to read over a period of 3 months 20 books, which we believe are relevant and appealing to teenagers and we encourage others to read these books as well and help continue and extend the habit of reading, passing down the knowledge contained in books’. Written by Elanor and Mya

Website review

LoveOzYA is an very interesting website for teachers, writers and readers of Australian youth-lit. It’s well worth a wander through the website.  To see what they’re about, read the latest news, download handy resources, submit your own review, make sure you don’t miss the latest events.

If you share your love of books online, blogging, bookstagramming, booktubing, tweeting, check out #LoveOzYABloggers and join in the fun.

Want to suggest a good book or write reviews for the Library? Talk to Elanor or Mya today.

‘LoveOzYA is a website which encourage young people to engage in reading through discussion about books that are relevant and appealing to teenage readers. The website shows book reviews from multiple perspectives while also allowing students to engage in the discussion by submitting posts about books and other examples of literature. Often teenagers don’t know how to find a good book or are not interested in reading. LoveOzYA helps guide teenagers to books that they will enjoy. It also provides structured lists which make reading easier and remove the stigma of reading being a chore. Therefore we recommend that students visit LoveOzYA if they are struggling with finding books suited to their tastes and literature level.’ Written by Elanor and Mya

Congratulations to our Readers of the Month

Congratulations to our reading champions who are our winners for the July reading competition. The following students read 9 or more books for the month of July.

Bowie, Manvir and Rain have been impressive with their passion for reading. Manvir and Rain have each chosen a book to share with us. Bowie was absent on the day the newsletter was written.

Manvir says his favourite book is The Alchemyst. ‘I enjoy the Alchemyst as well as the rest of the series as it combines many different aspects of many different mythology and blends them into a great series. It is also enjoyable as it is accurate towards the mythology’.

Rain recommends the Warrior Series. ‘My friend introduced it to me a while back and it was really fun to read. It’s about wild cats in different clans. It’s quite interesting, I suggest reading it.’

Bowie has read the most with 13 books during the month of July. Bowie loves to read Manga, Thirteen Series, House of Secrets, Gone and lots more, keep reading and Congratulations!

The NSW Premier's Reading Challenge is well underway for 2018, with students across the state delving into some wonderful new books. TWENTY SEVEN students from our school have already completed their PRC for this year. It’s not hard – twenty books need to be read between September 2017 and 31st August 2018. At least fifteen of the books need to come from the PRC lists and up to five are free choice. Our library has 659 titles which are on the list, and they can be read as audiobooks or ebooks from our library as well. (Please see below on how you can download audiobooks or ebooks) So get reading, you have 4 weeks left to complete your 2018 PRC.


A reminder that June is the month to celebrate reading and that you do not have to wait to get to the Library to borrow. You can download your ebook reading choice from our collection and begin reading now.  Don’t forget to pick up your book mark from the Library with the instructions on how to access ebooks.

1.    Download the eBook reading app now. Go to the app store and download the ePlatform app to your phone.

2.    Find our Glenwood High School Library and log in using your DET Username and Password

3.    Start reading!

The Children’s Book Council of Australia is celebrating Children’s Book Week during the week 17-24th August 2018.  Each year, schools and public libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books, and Australian authors and illustrators. Teachers and librarians conduct activities relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading.

This year’s theme is ‘FIND YOUR TREASURE’.

Tristan Banks a famous author of Children’s and Teen books says “Such a perfect description of the search to discover your next great book. An incredible story can feel like treasure when it speaks to you and understands the way you think and feel. But not every book is perfect for everyone. I put down just as many books as I finish, but I never give up the hunt for my next great read.

Writing stories feels the same. Some days you dig lots of empty holes. Other days you trip over creative treasure with every step. SO, this year, my Top Ten Tips for Children’s Book Week are all about finding your next great book and digging up story inspiration.

I feel very proud to have my book The Fall on the Older Readers Notables list alongside work by authors that I hold in very high regard. I hope you get a chance to read lots of these books.”

Look out for our display ‘FIND YOUR TREASURE’ to celebrate 2018 Children’s Book Week.

WILL KOSTAKIS is coming to GHS

William Kostakis is an Australian author and journalist. Will Kostakis is ready to catch a ball two seconds after it’s hit him in the face. Professionally, he’s thankful he’s chosen a career that requires little (if any) co-ordination. After dabbling in celebrity journalism and reality TV, he now writes for young adults.

In high school, he won the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year prize for a short story called 'Bing Me'.

He went on to sign his first book deal in his final year of high school. His first novel, Loathing Lola, was released when he was just nineteen,

His second, The First Third, won the 2014 Gold Inky Award. It was also shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year and Australian Prime Minister’s Literary awards.

The Sidekicks is his third novel for young adults and was released in 2016, and has since been shortlisted for the QLD Literacy Awards..

As a high school student, Will won Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year for a collection of short stories.

Glenwood High School are very excited to have Will Kostakis join us on Tuesday 14th August for a day of workshops with the students.

We were fortunate enough to have Will last year and had such a great time with him that we have invited him back to join us again to celebrate Book Week 2018.

A group of students will be invited to come along to Will’s workshop.


A very big and special THANK YOU goes to MR WARREN MILLARD.

Warren donates his time to volunteer every Tuesday to Glenwood High School Library. Warren comes at Lunchtime every Tuesday to run and oversee the students who want to play Chess. Warren teaches them as well as organizes competitions for the students.

Warren then comes in at 3pm for Homework Centre. Warren helps organize afternoon tea, signs the students into Homework Centre, then sits down to help with them till 4pm.

Warren has been a great asset to the school since retiring from teaching a few years ago and we appreciate his help very much. Thank you Warren.


Another big thank you to our two parent helpers, Mrs Monica Chun and Mrs Jesitha Vallil who come in every week to help book cover and shelve. Your help is very much appreciated.

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