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Turn it in

Turnitin is a web-based program, that allows teachers and students to submit work through a digital platform. 

Turnitin will allow our students to submit their work electronically, either from their BYOD or from home, in adherence with the set due date and time. This allows for greater flexibility of submission options, easing the pressure on class time. Turnitin will also provide a plagiarism check, producing for both students and teachers an originality report, that allows for a view into any concern of originality within a student's work.

Students will either be enrolled into their classes in Turnitin (for those courses who are using it), or the information for self-enrolment will be provided to them. For the steps to create an account, see the Instructions for creating an account (PDF 1167KB) document.

To access their account, students simply need to visit the Turnitin website and follow the relevant instructions. It is important students have their account set to their school education email ( For information on submitting an assingment to Turnitin, see the Submitting my assignment guide (PDF 440KB)

For help with Turnitin, see the Troubleshooting guide (PDF 141KB)

For any questions, concerns or queries in regards to Turnitin, either by parents or students, please contact Ms Powter.