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The library is open from 8.10am to 3pm. It is open both recess and lunch, except for Friday recess.


Your ID card is made from the school photos, and will be available by the end of first term. After that time you are expected to have it with you at all times. Your first card is free of charge. Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 may borrow three fiction and three nonfiction books at a time. Years 11 and 12 may borrow five fiction and five nonfiction. All may borrow audiobooks and ebooks. Most books and magazines are due back in two weeks. There is also borrowing permitted over the holidays.

New books

We are happy to purchase your suggestions of book and magazine titles for the library. There is a suggestion box near the security gates which is checked regularly. New books are displayed near the photocopier and these are changed weekly. New magazines are displayed behind the circulation desk.


The Library has 15 computers and the Connected Classroom has 16 computers available to students before school, recess and lunchtime. These computers are for schoolwork only.

ebooks and audio books

Glenwood High School library has subscribed to both ebooks and audio books for your use.

Go to the Glenwood High School ePlatform website You will be automatically signed in with your DET username and password.

For the ePlatform app:

  1. Search for and download the ePlatform app from the app store on your phone.
  2. Find our school library and log in using the DET username and password.
  3. Browse and borrow an eBook to read now and start borrowing.

Printing and photocopying

Printing costs 5c per page for black and white, and 50c per page for colour. New students get a $2 print balance on enrolment. This amount should be topped up regularly at the office, as you cannot print if there are insufficient funds for the job.

Photocopying costs 20c a page. Staff will copy for you.

Study periods

Year 11 and 12 students with study periods must sign in at the office first if it is a first period and then on the Library Kiosk terminal on the front counter with their ID card You are expected to have work to go on with.


You should have something constructive to do and allow other people to do what they came to do without being disturbed.


Scholastic Book Club

Our School provides students and their families the opportunity to order books through Scholastic Book Club.  Product booklets are distributed twice a term to all Year 7 students and are available from the Library for Years 8-12. Parents are able to order online through the Scholastic website.


The easiest way for parents to order and pay for Book Club is via the LOOP system, click on the link for more details.

LOOP is the NEW Scholastic Book Clubs Linked Online Ordering & Payment platform for Parents.

If you want to pay by credit card for your online Book Club order, our new platform makes it easy. It eliminates the need for paper order forms plus your online order is submitted to the school safe and sound.

Log-in to or download the NEW iPhone and iPad app from the APP Store!

  • For a quick start, just click on ORDER in the top menu or REGISTER first to save our details for next time

  • Select your school and your child’s class

  • Add your child’s first name and last initial (so the school knows who the book is for)

  • Enter the item number from the Book Club brochure

  • You can order for multiple children a once if they attend the same school.

  • All orders are linked directly to the school for submission to Scholastic. Books will still be delivered to your child’s classroom if your order by the close date.

  • There’s no need to return paper order forms or payment receipt details to your school, unless you are paying cash.

For a quick how to order video, log-in to www.scholastic and click on HELP in the top menu.

Library staff

Our staff is happy to help you at any time. We encourage wide reading, and would be happy to help you with research and assignment work.

  • The library staff are:
  • Mrs Achar
  • Mrs Wardlaw
  • Mrs Brackley
  • Mrs North
  • Mrs Simonetta