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The two bus companies that service Glenwood High School are Busways and Hillsbus.

Students who qualify for free student travel through the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) have been issued with a pass for whichever of these two companies they submitted an application for.

Students are only entitled to free travel from the bus company that issued their pass. Bus companies are not required to honour each other's passes. The reason for this is that all bus companies, that provide school travel, receive the government transport subsidies, SSTS, based on the number of passes issued.

They do not receive a subsidy for students who have not been issued passes for their company. As a result, bus companies assign school bus services according to the number of passes they have issued.

In order to ensure safety, Glenwood High School has established an afternoon procedure that allows students with SSTS passes to board buses first, followed by paying students. This ensures that those students for whom the buses have been provided for have been given first access and student safety is addressed. To further support this, the boarding of buses is monitored by executive staff. For these reasons, it is important to chose the company which best suits your child's needs. Glenwood High School, allocated bus routes are as follows:

Morning service


Bus 1

Covers the main sections of The Ponds and then travels through to Perfection Ave along to Stanhope Gardens. This is specifically for Glenwood High School. (Please note, this service will not pick up students on Conrad and Merriville Rds.)

Bus 2

Travels along Merriville and Old Windsor Rds. This is specifically for Glenwood High School.

Bus 9

Travels along Sentry Dr and Stanhope Parkway. This service is mainly for Parklea Primary School students, but does also permit Glenwood High School students travel.



Public service which covers sections of Conrad Rd and Stanhope Parkway not covered by Busways.

Afternoon service


Busways provides 4 buses which are scheduled to leave the school between 3.07 and 3.15pm.

Bus 1

Travels through Stanhope Gardens and Kellyville Ridge via Stanhope Parkway and Perfection Ave.

Bus 2

Travels through Stanhope Gardens and Kellyville Ridge via Merriville Rd and Perfection Ave

Bus 3

Travels through Stanhope Gardens and Parklea via Stanhope Parkway and Sentry Dr.

Bus 4

Travels through to The Ponds via Conrad and Keirle Rds.



Monday service: approx. 2.15pm, to accommodate the 2.10 finish time

Tuesday - Friday: 3:09pm 


Public service to Stanhope Gardens and Kellyville Ridge.


If you wish further clarification on bus services, please contact the relevant company.

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