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The School Photographer


Orders for student packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at using our school’s unique X1491HSB54G.

The School Photographer now accept online payments using Credit Card.

If you are paying cash for either student packages or sibling photographs, please complete all the details on the order form on the front of the envelope.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to or call 9674 9824.


All students who have their photograph taken will also have a Student ID card made up for them and distributed to students around the end of Term 1. The student ID card needs to be carried to and from school each day, and is for school use in the front office and the Library. If a student loses their ID card, they are expected to purchase a new one through the front office for $5.00. Any questions regarding the ID cards can be referred to the Library.