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Year 12 HSC Visual Art

Art Express AGNSW Excursion

Start Location:

Meet at the Glenwood High School Bus Bay.

End Location:

Arrive back at the Glenwood High School Bus Bay.


Students will be catching public transport to and from the venue.

Dress Code:

Full school uniform.


Canteen facilities will be available at the venue. Students should pack their own lunch, drinks and snacks.

What to Bring:

Opal Card - a valid Personal (not school) Opal Card preloaded with a minimum of $10 credit. A pen or pencil and a notebook. A small backpack. Medication (if required).

Educational Outcomes:

Understanding Artists' practice from collections and Top band HSC Visual Arts Bodies of work. To encourage the students own practice in the Making of their Body of Work.

Additional Information:

NSW Department of Education Consent Statement: I acknowledge that this event/activity is required to be held in accordance with any current NSW Health COVID19 Public Health Orders and the NSW Department of Education’s policies and procedures. I acknowledge and accept that there is risk that my child may be exposed to COVID-19 whilst attending and participating in this event. I confirm that my child will not attend if displaying any symptoms of illness, and/or if directed to isolate under public health orders.