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Glenwood High School Swimming Carnival 2022

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

The first sporting event of the year will be held at the Emerton Leisure Centre and promises to be an exciting day for everyone involved, Friday 11th February.

Due to our high number of students enrolments, we have decided to continue with our 'Competitors Only' format. This means that only those students, who will be competing on the day, will be permitted to attend the carnival. The carnival will involve supervised, structured swimming races only. There will be no 'free swim' allocation at any stage throughout the day.

As all students will be travelling by bus to and from Emerton, your consent is required. Kindly collect a consent form from the PE staffroom, complete and return it back to the PE staffroom.

A $15 payment is required for bus hire. Payment due Tuesday 8th February, please use the link below and pay $15 by try booking. Permission notes are available via googleclassroom.

Please note parents are unable to attend this event, due to COVID restrictions. Students must abide by the covid safety rules for the pool.

Mr L Davis & Miss R Hobday
Carnival Organiser