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Year 11 Assessments

Timetable and attachments referred to in this letter will be uploaded week ending 28 August 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,


Your child will complete formal examinations during Weeks 9 & 10, Term 3, from Monday, 14th September 2020 to Friday, 25th September 2020.  A copy of the timetable is included with this letter.

This is a formal examination period and students are expected to undertake home study when they do not have an examination.  This means that it is possible for students without an examination during the first session to arrive at school later in the day. 

Students must arrive on time and assemble near the canteen promptly for all examinations held in the Hall (14.09.2020-22.09.2020) and in the quad for all examinations held in the top of B-Block (23.09.2020 – 25.09.2020).  Their attendance will be recorded at the examination venue.  If students are unable to travel to school later in the day, then they are expected to arrive at the normal time and report to the Library.  Students who are at school must use this facility when not in examinations.  However, if students do not have an examination in the afternoon, they are permitted to leave school but must go directly home to resume their study.  Students are reminded of the school’s high expectations, especially when dressed in school uniform.

It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with, and follow, the ‘2.11 - Expected Student Behaviour During Examinations’, as outlined in the Year 11 Preliminary Assessment Policy’ document issued to students in Term 1. Please refer to pages 24-25, or see attached.


Where students do not complete an examination (due to illness, misadventure, malpractice or any other reason), students are required to follow the procedures outlined in the ‘Year 11 Preliminary Assessment Policy‘ document to lodge a formal appeal application, for consideration. This document was provided to students in Term 1 and is also available on the school’s website. 

Expectations of acceptable behaviour for students are as follows:

·           Students will be expected to follow strict examination conditions from the moment they enter any examination venue until they are dismissed.  This includes having all their own equipment, as borrowing during examinations will not be allowed.

·           Students are responsible for checking their examination timetable carefully each day.

·           If a student is absent during the examination period, please contact the school the school on the day and provide written confirmation on the next school day not covered by their documented evidence.  This must be supported by a medical certificate or other legal paperwork for the examination mark to contribute to the student’s school assessment.  A formal appeal will need to be lodged with the Deputy Principal, subject to approval. Please note: approval is not guaranteed. All appeal applications will be critically assessed and the appeal application may be declined and deemed malpractice. It is expected, where possible, that missed examinations are arranged to be completed before the end of the examination period.

·           Students are not to have notes, devices or mobile phones with them during an examination. These are to be switched off and kept in school bags if they are at school.

I would appreciate it if you could discuss these expectations with your child.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at school if you have any questions.  I would like to wish all Year 11 students the best for this very important examination period.


Mrs Donna Healy

Deputy Principal