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Minecraft Education Excursion



Excursion: Minecraft Education Excursion

Maximum # of students: 60

Subject / Purpose: Students to learn about Minecraft Education and its uses in the classroom

Grade: 8 & 9

Venue: Australian Technology Park

Date: 18/5/2020

Departure time: 9am

Return time: 3pm

Students will depart from: Glenwood High

Students will return to: Glenwood High

Travel/transport will be by: Coach

Dress requirements: Full school uniform (must also bring a laptop)

Cost: NON-refundable $17

Payment due by: 4/5/2020

An excursion has been organised to support the following work being completed at school:

Cross Curricular uses of Minecraft in the classroom


Please note that there may be a maximum number of students who may attend this event (60).  The signed permission note must be returned to the front office with the correct money.  We are unable to provide students with change.  We strongly encourage your child to attend this activity, as it will be a positive and valuable learning experience.: