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12 Society and Culture - Overnight Buddhist Awareness Excursion



14-15 May 2020

An immersive experience while studying Buddhism

An excursion has been organised to support the following work being completed at school:

In Year 12 Society and Culture, students study Buddhism as part of the Belief Systems and Ideologies topic. In this excursion, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves within the practices and traditions of this community, in order to better understand its impact and teachings, which will benefit their comprehension of the topic and course generally. Further information on the event will be provided following payment for the excursion.

Please note that there may be a maximum number of students who may attend this event (37).  The signed permission note must be returned to the front office with the correct money.  We are unable to provide students with change.  We strongly encourage your child to attend this activity, as it will be a positive and valuable learning experience.

Comfortable clothing, including warm attire for overnight. NO inappropriate attire, including shorts, heels, slogan clothing, etc. Students must be prepared to wear respectful, covered clothing to adhere to temple guidelines. 


Buses will leave 7.30am from Glenwood High School. Students are to meet their teachers in the School's Quad.

Students are due to arrive back at School 3.00pm approx (please allow for any traffic)

$130.00 (paid either online or to the office) and the completed permission slip are to be returned no later than 8th April 2020.