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HSC Literacy & Numeracy Practice Year 10 HSC Minimum Standards

17 February - 13 March

HSC Literacy and Numeracy Practice Year 10 HSC minimum Standard 

The NSW government is committed to requiring students to demonstrate a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC from 2020, because these skills are needed for success in life after school.

There will be multiple opportunities for your child to show they meet the HSC minimum standard by passing online tests of basic reading, writing and numeracy skills. These tests can be taken when your child is ready – be that this year, in Year 11 or 12 or after the HSC. NESA allows schools to enter students a maximum of twice a year to sit for each minimum standard online test. 

Your child will be sitting three 45 minute online tests of basic reading, writing and numeracy skills needed for everyday tasks:

·         a multiple choice reading test

·         a multiple choice numeracy test

·         a short writing test based on a choice between a visual or written prompt

Practice tests and teacher support will be provided at school to enable students to become familiar with the test/s and to judge their readiness. Your child does not have to sit or pass all tests at once. The students will be enrolled and they will sit for the tests at different times throughout the year when the teachers and the school decide the students are ready. Students will be informed 1-2 weeks in advance of the test dates and times. After your child completes an online test, the school and child will receive a results report indicating, for each area, whether they have reached the HSC minimum standard or need to sit the test again.

Additional dates and school support will be provided if your child is identified to be at risk of not meeting the HSC minimum standard of literacy and numeracy by Year 12. Your child will also have many opportunities to meet the standards after they leave school. Importantly, students do not need to meet the HSC minimum standard to:

·         study HSC courses and sit HSC exams

·         receive HSC results or an ATAR

·         receive a Record of School Achievement

Some students with disabilities will be eligible for extra provisions for the minimum standards online tests, or an exemption from the HSC minimum standard requirement. The school will organise this for the eligible students. Find out more by visiting: