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Year 12 Signout

Year 12 sign out will take place in the school library between 9.00am–11:00am on
Friday, 13 November 2020.

It is important that all Year 12 students attend at this time to return textbooks, library books, equipment and any other school resources. In addition, the front office will accept payment for outstanding course fees and school contributions. It is preferable all fees be finalised prior to sign-out day and can be done online via our school website or over the counter at our front office. Invoices can be requested from the office prior to this date. (this can be done anytime during the year).

Head teachers or representatives from all faculties will be in the library to collect resources. This ensures that the sign out process occurs in a timely manner. It is very difficult for students to sign out at other times. Any student who is unable to attend the sign-out day must make alternative arrangements by contacting the school as soon as possible, however, this should only be for special circumstances.

A reminder that the Year 12 formal is on Wednesday, 18 November 2020.  Please note that attendance at this event is conditional to all school fees being paid and equipment returned. Formal tickets and year books will be issued on this day to students who have successfully completed the sign-out process.