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Year 10 BStreet Smart

bstreetsmart NSW Event

bstreetsmart is the inspiring initiative of the Trauma Service at Westmead Hospital. Westmead’s Trauma Service is constantly reminded through their hands on work that young people aged between 15–30 are disproportionally represented in road trauma. As a result they have a strong commitment to Road Safety Education.

The purpose of bstreetsmart is to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people by promoting safe behaviour as drivers, riders and passengers.

Attendance at the bstreetsmart event grows every year which means more students and teachers are experiencing and learning about the impact of dangerous/distracted driving and the consequences for those directly and indirectly involved in an crash.

Going into its 15th year, the bstreetsmart forum is Australia’s largest educational event on road safety with over 185,000 year 10, 11 and 12 students having participated.

bstreetsmart provides students with first hand experiences and:

  • An understanding of their responsibilities as a driver and as a responsible passenger
  • Information and strategies to avoid serious injuries and death
  • Information on how to reduce risk taking behaviour through greater awareness of the consequences of distracted driving, inattention, speeding, drink and drug driving and driver fatigue.

This successful initiative receives support from the NSW government and our generous partners to ensure bstreetsmart can continue to be offered to all schools, as they recognise the important role it plays in the community.