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NAPLAN test timetables

Where possible, schools may arrange for individual students who are absent at the time of testing to complete missed tests at another time during the relevant testing window.  

NAPLAN 2019 paper test

Individual students are not permitted to sit the paper tests after Friday 17 May 2019.

Tuesday 14 May  

Language Conventions test  (spelling, grammar and punctuation)

Writing test

Wednesday 15 May

Reading test

Thursday 16 May

Numeracy test


Year 7

Language conventions: 45 minutes

Writing: 40 minutes

Reading: 65 minutes

Numeracy: 65 minutes


Year 9

Language Conventions: 45 minutes

Writing: 40 minutes

Reading: 65 minutes

Numeracy: 65 minutes

In May 2019, students at our school in Year 7 and 9 will sit the NAPLAN paper assessments. NAPLAN will assess the literacy and numeracy skills of students across Australian schools.

The results of the tests will provide important information to schools about what each student can do, and will be used to support teaching and learning programs. Parents will receive a report indicating their child’s level of achievement. Each student’s level of achievement will be reported against the national minimum standard.

On Friday 17 May, a ‘catch-up’ day is scheduled for students who missed a test.

Students may be exempt from the NAPLAN tests if they:

•     are newly arrived in Australia (less than one year before the test) and with a  language background other than English, or

•     have significant intellectual disability and/or significant co-existing conditions which severely limit their capacity to participate in the tests.

All other students are expected to participate in the tests.

Disability adjustments which reflect the student’s normal level of support in the classroom may be provided. Large print, braille, coloured paper versions and electronic tests are also available to meet the needs of individual students. Access to disability adjustments or exemption from the tests must be discussed with the school principal and a parent or carer consent form must be signed.

Students may be withdrawn from NAPLAN by their parent or carer after consultation with the school principal. To withdraw your child from NAPLAN, a parent or carer consent form must be signed. Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher if you need to discuss your child’s participation in NAPLAN.

Any questions? Contact the NAPLAN team on 1300 119 556 or

For further information about NAPLAN, visit the NESA website.